Thursday, June 7, 2012

That's Awkward

Oh, boy.

Yesterday I saw Mr. Caesar at work. Let me clarify that I don't go there to see him. He is an added bonus. Since we are around his coworkers, I don't typically say much to him aside from "hello" and sometimes small talk. I understand the need to be professional at work. And most of our conversations are not workplace material.

I spent my afternoon lying in the sun and daydreaming...mostly about him. He texted me once he got out of work. He eventually asked if I wanted to do dinner and a movie. I took a few minutes to think about this. I typically like to be more prepared but since my special friend payed me a visit, I didn't have to go the whole nine yards. Two hours later I was at his house - not feeling quite cute enough and wishing I had done more summer clothes shopping. But I was there.

And he introduced me to his roommate and his friend. I feel like I have met way too many of his people already.

Then we were off. Conversation comes easy with him. His laid back personality and his ability to handle my "ball-busting" earn him major points. Dinner went well. He was sweet and he told me some more about him. I need to work on asking more questions and discussing myself less. But other than my own personal flaws, we had a good time. From there we went to the movie. We got there early enough that we has some time to kill.

Not much longer after we got there, he asked what I would do if he kissed me. A nervous laugh escaped my lips and then I told him that he shouldn't ask, just do. But he has already given me butterflies. And I was already nervous. But he kissed me anyways. He gave me a light kiss for about 1 second before he slipped his tongue in my mouth. This caught me off guard...are we going to play tongue hockey already?! I was too busy thinking about his hands on my face and his tongue prodding my lips open to react accordingly. After a few seconds I pulled away. I will admit I was in La-La Land, but I'm fairly sure he laughed at this.

Mr. Caesar is a touchy-feely kind of guy. It makes me wonder how many other girls he touches. But I can't really say much about that, and I'd rather not think about it. He likes to grab my ass, poke me, and play with my hair. Not exactly in that order. Can't say that I mind being petted on occasion... He even nibbled on my ear at one point and asked if I liked it. I said no. Which was a lie. But I'm not about getting all hot and bothered in a movie theater when I have no hopes of picking up where we left off later.

At the beginning of the movie, he put his arm around me. Then he surprised me by holding my hand. This was eventually ruined by him telling me that I have "hitchhiker thumbs"...which apparently means my thumbs bend slightly upwards at the top. Who knows, but this ruined the moment and I promptly dropped his hand. This meant more leg stroking and eventually re-embracing my hand, hitchhiker thumb and all.

When we got back to his house, he asked if I wanted to come in. I wanted to. I really wanted to. But I didn't. I joked about it being past his bedtime and hugged him goodbye. He went in for another tongue-kiss. I don't know why but I couldn't get used to it and reciprocate. I couldn't even concentrate enough to tell if he was a good kisser or not. I even said that I felt awkward. He seemed momentarily hurt by that and picked me up and kissed me on the cheek. I give him point for still trying to be sweet after my ruining of the moment.

On my rather long drive home, I texted him that I was sorry for being awkward. He said sorry if he was pushy. I didn't feel that he was pushy at all. And if I had, I wouldn't have apologized. I digress. I caved and texted him today - breaking the ice with a joke about keeping him out to late when he had to wake up early. He made sure to tell me he still had fun with me. He also said he didn't think I had fun. I did. I was just being shy. After a brief back and forth, I left him alone. He said hi just a few minutes ago which made me smile. He said he was thinking about me. When I asked about what, he eventually eluded to some dirty thoughts. This I enjoy.

And he wants to see me "sooner than later"!

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