Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'll Take A Kiss

This past weekend I went against my typical protocol and met up with Mr. Caesar and his friends at a local biker bar. Why is this different from my normal ways, you ask? I don't normally like to slap on the fake smile and meet the friends the second time I hang out with someone. But since Mr. Caesar and I have seen each other frequently enough whilst not hanging out and because he makes me feel comfortable I went for it.

Surprisingly, I do not regret my decision.

I try to avoid being left behind with the group of friends or running into the possessive girl"friends" so quickly. I prefer to feel out the guy and see if he's the type that will recognize that I am out of my comfort zone with his friends and will try to stay by my side or make me feel welcome.

I drove over to the bar and there was no parking. I mean the curb was overflowing and my larger vehicle was not going to fit. I tried to find a spot twice. I took this as a sign, and texted Mr. Caesar to tell him I was heading back since there was no place to park. I waited. Right as I got home (5 minutes later) he called and asked to pick me up. I [idiotically] declined. I did, however, give him 50 points for calling and sounding slightly disappointed instead of texting me. It's the little things that count, right?!

10 minutes later I worked up my courage and attempted to send a cute text..."commmme getttt meeee". Because elongating words makes everything seem cuter...right?

He texted immediately, "Was going to say you got my hopes up. What's your address?"

5 minutes later, I hopped into his car and we were off.

The second I got in his car, I smelled pot. I commented on that. Didn't know he was into reefer. I wouldn't have pegged him for a pothead. He seemed embarrassed and told me he had tried to cover it up with axe. This required my making fun of the lack of axe scent and the pungent stink of marijuana. He apologized. I laughed at that. It could be worse than a little joint.

When we got to the bar, doors were held for me (as always) and he got me a nice, girly drink right away. That was appreciated. Then we did the whole "meet the friends" deal. His friends were all guys so I didn't feel so awkward. But it didn't help that one of them was jaw-droppingly-handsome. Mr. Caesar definitely noticed my reaction. Note to self: learn to not act surprised when shaking the hand of a deep-voiced Godlike man.

I did also meet his friend's sister and her two little sidekicks. They were 19 and immature. They were friendly. And once Mr. Caesar left for two minutes to grab more drinks the sister decided to bring my guy up to her friends. "Do you guys talk to Mr. Caesar ever?" "No." and "No." from the sidekicks. The sister confirmed, "Me either...since he has a girlfriend and all."

Ummmm...wait! WHAT?! I pretended to continue being enthralled by my phone and not hear this comment. Success. They dropped that conversation. Mr. Caesar came back to the rescue and I saved that tidbit for later. I had a feeling little miss jealous was trying to get me to head out for the night - and never come back.

Mr. Caesar earned major points for spending his night talking with me while amongst his friends. He likes to poke and touch. I would typically find this to be childish behavior but he pulls it off somehow. And I'll take his big, sexy hands on me in whatever fashion I can get them. We had a good time talking and listening to the local band play.

After watching a childish display of jealousy from the sister just after Mr. Caesar pulled me in to talk into my ear over the loud music he told me that even though the chick is married she has always had a crush on him and that she gets possessive at times. All this without me mentioning her earlier comment. So I told him what she said and he laughed. Not a nervous laugh. A "that's typical behavior" kind of laugh. I have my guard up since we don't know each other well yet but no red flag has been raised.

At one point the signer from the band came over to say hello to Mr. Caesar and I felt him get closer to me. The singer seemed interested in who I was and was maintaining eye contact with me for too long. I could feel Mr. Caesar gazing down at me. I was literally up against a wall next to the guy a want and a guy who clearly wanted me. But the flicker of possession in Mr. Caesar's eyes was worth the few awkward moments.

The night went well and we stayed out late. I wanted his hands on me but the most he did was reel me in between his legs and hold me until I got shy and sauntered away. I am almost enjoying taking things slow with him and letting the build-up of anticipation amp up the excitement level. He's made enough comments to let me know he wants me. And I'm sure he knows I want him. But this seems fun.

We've been texting quite a bit and he surprised me with a cute "morning Sunshine" this morning. He also asked when he "gets to see me again". This put a smile on my face.

I'm hoping I get to see him soon...very soon.

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