Monday, July 23, 2012

I Don't Need A Needy Man

Things aren't looking to good for Mr. Caesar.  I haven't seen him in a week - and it's not for his lack of trying.  

He is in transition between places.  That's cool, it happens.  

But when you are asking to stay at my place or for my vehicle for the move without my offering, I don't like it.  Maybe I am just a heartless bitch, but nothing bothers me more than a man who is needy and always expects others to help him out.  It annoys me with females too, but I am not dating them so I get over it.

I like independent men.  I like men who get things done on their own, like an adult.  The fact that Mr. Caesar said he could "really use my truck" for his move on a day that he knows I am busy with work and other obligations irked me.

It was cute and all last night when he said he really likes me even if it may be too much and it "worries" him.  But it's not cute enough to make up for his immaturity.

I haven't completely written him off, but I have been keeping my distance.  I think the great sex is what has kept him around this long at this point.

Mr. Lover made a huge comeback this weekend.  We had an entire date day.  A beach walk, lunch at a restaurant featured on Diner's, Drive Ins, and Dives, miniature golf then dinner and beer tasting.  It was a long but fun day.  In fact, it might be the most fun I've had in a while.

We are even planning something special to do this weekend as well.

Mr. Chef had to cancel our plans last week since he has been busy at work.  I didn't really mind.  I half wanted to cancel due to my busy schedule anyways so it worked out.  He is still blowing up my phone so we will see if we can arrange something else later this week.

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