Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Parissa Sugar Wax Review

Last week, I had some free time. So what did I do? I hopped on over to Ulta and picked me up some Parissa chamomile body sugar wax.

I always read reviews before I try new products or brands I am not familiar with. I had yet to try any Parissa products. Although, I must admit the reviews were 50/50, people either loved it or hated it. I fall into the hated it category after one attempt.

What is body sugar, you ask? Body sugar is the supposed all-natural way to remove unwanted hair all over your body while also helping hair to grow back softer and thinner the more you use the product.

I grabbed a box of the chamomile body sugar for legs, body, and face for just under $15. I primarily bought this product for my underarms and my bikini zone. Inside the box, you'll find some popsicle sticks for application, long fabric strips for removal, and obviously a tub of the sugar wax.

I'll admit I am new to at-home hair removal. However, I like the idea so much I'm willing to give it a few tries after this initial disaster. The directions claim this product is perfect for beginners and pros alike. I can't back up this claim. I'm a beginner and I ended up having to shave my already irritated skin after my first attempts.

I warmed the sugar for the instructed amount of time, and was glad I put a plate underneath the tub of wax because it bubbled over the top and coated the entire plate with sticky, sugary wax. Heat does not normally affect me, but I found the wax was way too hot on my more sensitive skin, so I had to wait for it too cool, while also making sure it stayed at "honey" consistency.

I applied a thin layer of sugar wax as directed, quickly pressed the fabric strip atop the wax, held my skin taught, and "zipped" the strip away. I spent several minutes at this point looking from the strip to the area of skin that was supposed to now be hair-free. There was maybe two little pieces of hair on the strip. The rest was being suffocated under the leftover wax.

After quite a few attempts with the same results, I jumped in the shower to rinse off the sticky stuff and to grab the good ole razor and shave cream. I must say, however, the sugar wax was easily removed with warm water - even on my coated plate.

I also liked the azulene oil that came with this "system" to help with ingrown hairs and to soothe skin. But these two positives do not help with the lack of hair the wax removed.

This at-home waxing attempt was a major fail. But I will give it a go again...in a few weeks.

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