Monday, February 27, 2012

Save The Drama For Your Mama

I've been majorly MIA for a few months. I gave the "real" relationship one last shot. And as per usual, it ended badly. It takes a lot for me to trust someone fully and I fully understand trust must be earned. However, I am an independent person. I like to have time for myself or out with friends without having the boyfriend tag along behind me like some lost puppy. Finding that happy medium can be extremely difficult.

It proved to be the downfall of my most recent relationship.

I have been tame the past couple of months. I haven't gone out with my girlfriends near enough or gone out to dance. I spent my time with my man or at my home, enjoying alone time. But after a while, that gets old.

This past weekend, I said screw it! I put on my new boots and went out with the girls to a bar. Not even a club. Just a bar for some drinks and much needed catching up. I had no intention of meeting guys or "misbehaving".

But the boyfriend's buddy sent him a text saying he thought he saw me at a club grinding up on some juiced up dude. Then he proceeds to run into my boyfriend's x-best-friend who apparently severely dislikes me. I'm assuming this is due to his lack of communication with her since we got together. Not my problem I can out victorious...

She spent her evening trash talking me and making a scene. While my boyfriend starts questions my intentions while I'm out. All the while unsuspecting old me is having a good time with her girlfriends.

When I came home to find that not only did his buddy find me to be some sort of easy chick, my boyfriend has no trust in me, and his trash-spewing slut of a friend was bad-mouthing me, I was livid.

I hate relationships for this exact type of scenario. I mean, really, people? We have absolutely nothing better to do on a Saturday night but butt into other people's personal business?

This is especially bogus to me considering I was 6 towns over minding my own business.

Needless to say, I have wiped my hands clean of it.

No time for bullshit here!


  1. Seems like you can't win for losing. I'm from a small town so eveybody is always in somebody else's business. What's worse is they don't even have their facts straight to be talking about the situation. It's really frustrating.

  2. Sounds like that chick needs to move the heck on and get a life ~ what a bitch!


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