Friday, November 18, 2011

Naughty Nooners: Bride's Holiday Gift

Six months after the mass human-Terilian weddings of One Thousand Brides and Bride Reborn, Earth woman Janis Stone is consumed with lust for her alien husband Delos. A public exhibition of sex in zero gravity leaves her craving more of his exciting lovemaking.

Janis’ attempted seduction of Delos during a holiday sexual “fast” makes him promise retribution. Payback comes when Janis awakens tied to the bed, about to be pleasured by Delos’ skillful fingers, tongue and cock.

After a steamy encounter, the couple exchange gifts obtained at personal sacrifice. But their greatest gift for each other is love.

This is the third novella in the Star Brides series from Solange Ayre's Naughty Nooners. This short - 29 page - futuristic erotic romance and it is definitely strange and unique. It's essentially light porn with a light plot.

In the 2 books prior to this one, it seems that en route to a new planet the Terilian women all fell ill, and well, died. So the men made a quick pit-stop on planet Earth to kidnap 1000 carefully chosen women. And they like their women plump so apparently Americans were a good choice. I won't comment on how that makes me feel, being American. The women were frightened at first, but quickly adjusted. Shortly after they learned the Terilian men made exceptional lovers.

The entire story takes place on a spaceship which is manned the aliens, Terilians. Terilians are "men" but in the anthropomorphic sense: they have large catlike furry ears and retractable claws. However, their penises seem to resemble their "Earthian" friends. I'm glad for that because if I read anything about furry penises that would have been it for me, folks! The plot centers around what they consider a holiday on their spaceship and the sacrifices the two main characters make for one another.

This is a very light story peppered with tiny tastes of sensual bondage, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. It's not vanilla but it's not too far off. The romanticism throughout the entire story is cute and sort of makes you long for someone willing to sacrifice for you. *ahem* I'm assuming you don't have someone like that because I don't. You're welcome.

"Although Jan had lived on the Terilian spaceship for six months, this was the first time she’d been weightless. Only her magnetic shoes kept her anchored to the floor of the zero-gravity chamber.

The usual awareness of her head, arms and legs, pulled down by gravity, had disappeared. She was left with a strange feeling of giddiness and excitement—although some of that was the prospect of imminent sex with her alien husband."

My thoughts? I can't say I fully enjoyed this short story or that I'd read any more from this series but hey, aliens aren't really my niche. My favorite part of those strange catlike men is that they can't climax until after their woman has. Sounds like a wonderful concept to me!

You can download this book for free at Barnes & Noble.

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